Expectations and FAQs

Expectations of our Residents

To maintain the integrity of HTR Housing, and to promote residents’ self-respect and self-discipline, we clearly outline these expectations and manage these agreements.

Example of a Typical Day for a Resident

  • Attend daily check-in
  • Participate in morning meetings (we call morning meditation)
  • Prepare your own meals
  • Complete daily chores (clean personal/common area, etc.)
  • Attend IOP, aftercare, work, community service, etc.
  • Fellowship with house peers
  • Attend recovery support meetings
recovery house
recovery housing

How Does Our Housing Facilitate Long-Term Recovery?

  • Immersion in a recovery culture
  • Structured daily living
  • Peer-to-peer recovery support
  • Regular/random drug testing
  • Supported employment
  • Connection to community resources
  • Community contribution through service work
  • Case management of legal/employment/ medical
    and family issues

What are the Expectations for Our Residents?

To maintain the integrity of HTR Housing, and to promote residents’ self-respect and self-discipline, we require adherence to stringent standards—including zero-tolerance policies.

Some of these standards include:

  • Submitting to regular/random urine screens and breathalyzers for drug and alcohol testing
  • Following all treatment plan recommendations (from any treatment agency)
  • Develop a life recovery plan
  • Gaining employment (and/or volunteering an agreed number of hours per week)
  • Attending weekly house meetings
  • Following the visitor and curfew policy

Why Choose Hope Town Recovery Housing?

Hope Town Recovery (HTR) Housing provides a drug- and alcohol-free environments where residents are engaged and supported as they begin to work on their personal, professional, and recovery goals through application of learned recovery tools, techniques and principles.

The affliction we suffer from is devastating, our goal includes becoming a contributing member of one’s family and community

We will work with you, to learn how to better connect with yourself and improve your life. We work toward fulfillment and purpose.

We will help you decide what route YOU want to take to get you there, incorporating some or even all of the following evidence-based and less mainstream models:

  • Abstinence-based
  • Smart Recovery
  • MAT
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Faith-based
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Personal Development

We follow the guidelines established by NARR (National Association of Recovery Residences), universally accepted protocol for operating ethical, high quality, recovery residences.

Hope Town Recovery Housing for Men & Women

Ohio Recovery Residences: Where Hope Finds a Home 

 Our focus on long-term recovery, self-initiative, and increased independence sets us apart, offering residents access to essential resources necessary for transformative lifestyle changes. Nestled in Windham, Ohio, our location signifies more than just a place—it represents regeneration and growth.

Strategically situated just 15 minutes away from Ravenna and Warren, our Recovery Housing stands as a central hub, meeting court requirements, facilitating employment opportunities, and bridging the service gaps prevalent in traditional recovery housing models. Experience hope, support, and transformation at Hope Town—where recovery meets rejuvenation.