Our Story

Genesis of Hope Town Ohio (Autumn 2019)

In the autumn of 2019, Hope Town Ohio was established through a transformative initiative fueled by a generous $175,000 donation from the Regina Rebhan Foundation.  The organization’s roots took hold when Neighborhood Development Services (NDS), a local nonprofit, contributed two townhouses in Windham, Ohio. Under the organization’s guidance, these structures underwent restoration to become recovery housing facilities specifically designed for individuals seeking support for substance use and mental health disorders.

Community Collaboration: Building Hope Together

The creation of Hope Town was a collaborative endeavor that engaged the entire community. The interior restoration was predominantly carried out by dedicated volunteers, including both skilled individuals and those with a passion for the cause. Over a dozen events were organized, drawing participation from numerous volunteers, ranging from judges, commissioners, state representatives, police officers, probation officers, and drug court participants to teachers, administrative staff, church groups, friends, neighbors, and schoolchildren. Together, they orchestrated successful moving, cleaning, and painting parties, fostering a collective sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Warm Welcome from Windham

Beyond the considerable volunteer hours invested in Hope Town, the community rallied together to contribute washers, dryers, appliances, furniture, décor, and kitchenware. This outpouring of support reflects the genuine care and dedication of Windham’s residents. Despite initial concerns about potential opposition (NIMBY issues), the organization experienced a warm and supportive welcome from the community, dispelling any reservations.

Hope on Wheels Initiative (June 2022)

In June 2022, the organization expanded its impact with the launch of “Hope on Wheels.” This initiative, conceived by house manager Karl Yon, addresses the transportation needs of residents requiring access to medical appointments and addiction/mental health services. Recognizing gaps in local Medicaid rides, Hope Town, after rigorous credentialing and contracting procedures, stepped in to provide transportation services for community members covered by Medicaid insurance. This ensures crucial access to medical appointments and treatment services, further solidifying Hope Town’s commitment to holistic care.

Hope Town in Ohio’s Behavioral Health System

Hope Town plays a pivotal role as a contracted provider for the Mental Health & Recovery Board, aligning with Ohio MHAS’s emphasis on fostering successful partnerships with community organizations, agencies, and boards. The organization actively engages in collaborative efforts, recognizing their significance in delivering effective mental health and addiction services. Operating within Ohio’s county-supervised behavioral health system, Hope Town aligns with regional behavioral health authorities or boards to locally plan, evaluate, and fund mental health and addiction services. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive continuum of care, meeting individuals at various stages of their journey to wellness.