Dear Community Partners,

We are a grateful, mission-driven, solution-focused team at Hope Town. This has been a dream for many years, and seeing it manifest gives us meaning and purpose and produces life-saving results for many in our community.


Addiction has had a devastating effect socially and economically and repeats (and sometimes worsens) generationally. Hope Town provides key services and resources that support the person, their families, all treatment providers, and the criminal justice system.


For decades, addiction was treated clinically mainly because there weren’t the resources packaged in a way to navigate all the other parts of life comprehensively. Hope Town’s services help improve clinical treatment results and provide support that can have a lasting change. In turn, it can lessen the financial burden on the community as they return to becoming a productive member of their families and society.


Hope Town is positioned to help more people in 2023 and beyond. We are focused on developing these gap services and have already made a significant impact. I’m incredibly proud of the dynamic benefits that we have launched to complement our primary recovery housing service. This is not your typical “sober house.” This dynamic level of care produces life-changing results for families where we live.



Ted St. John

Our Partners