Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Fostering Hope, Fueling Recovery: Hope Town stands dedicated to championing individuals in their pursuit of recovering from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Through an integrated system that includes recovery housing, peer support networks, employment initiatives, essential transportation services, jail supports and social enterprises, we aim to inspire profound change and help liberate people to build a foundation for a brighter future. “A RECOVERY ECOSYSTEM”.

recovery house

Our Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose: we believe that everyone is recovering from something. We believe that people do recover, and our purpose is to help people recover.

Our Vision: to inspire others to improve their lives so that they may go on to inspire others to do the same.

Our Recovery Housing Philosophy 

We seek to provide a recovery-based culture through a balance of support and accountability to help people sustain recovery. Hope Town Recovery (HTR) Housing implements the social model of recovery, which features drug- and alcohol-free environments that are peer-oriented, maintained by residents (including resident house managers), and are not treatment focused.

Hope Town Recovery Housing for Men & Women

Ohio Recovery Residences: Where Hope Finds a Home 

 Our focus on long-term recovery, self-initiative, and increased independence sets us apart, offering residents access to essential resources necessary for transformative lifestyle changes. Nestled in Windham, Ohio, our location signifies more than just a place—it represents regeneration and growth.

Strategically situated just 15 minutes away from Ravenna and Warren, our Recovery Housing stands as a central hub, meeting court requirements, facilitating employment opportunities, and bridging the service gaps prevalent in traditional recovery housing models. Experience hope, support, and transformation at Hope Town—where recovery meets rejuvenation.