Pay Rent

Hope Town makes it easy to pay for rent online if you cannot send a check.

There is a 3% charge on any transaction. Please add this to the total you are paying.

Be sure to include the person’s name you are submitting rent for in the “notes” field of checkout.


Current Rental Rates

Rent: $450, all utilities included.

We understand that not everyone is able to afford rent. We can help!

1) Identify who can help. Talk through the pros and cons for everyone involved.

2) We call together. We describe the pros and cons of your options with and without recovery housing.

3) Describe details of the program, the structure, and the benefits.

4) We assure them that we will help you get a job (if needed) within the first 2-4 weeks. Before they help again, they will know how you did in your first month. They usually feel good about that.