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Donate to Hope Town via our online shop! Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll use it to post fundraisers in addition to our general donation option. You can be sure to know that your donations go straight to work within our organization. As a 501c3 registered nonprofit in the state of Ohio, your donations to Hope Town Recovery are tax deductible and go straight to work helping people heal.

Maintaining recovery is more than abstaining from substance abuse. While there is no easy path to recovery, Hope Town is strategic in their efforts to build an environment where recovery can be sustained. Barriers to recovery relate to access as much as will. There a number of people who wish they could stop using but they lack the resources to maintain successful recovery. The Hope Difference is that we’ve strategically placed our recovery housing so that our members have access to jobs, shopping, transportation, gyms, and doctors. Learn more about The Hope Difference.

Hope Town Recovery Housing for Men & Women

Ohio Recovery Residences: Where Hope Finds a Home 

 Our focus on long-term recovery, self-initiative, and increased independence sets us apart, offering residents access to essential resources necessary for transformative lifestyle changes. Nestled in Windham, Ohio, our location signifies more than just a place—it represents regeneration and growth.

Strategically situated just 15 minutes away from Ravenna and Warren, our Recovery Housing stands as a central hub, meeting court requirements, facilitating employment opportunities, and bridging the service gaps prevalent in traditional recovery housing models. Experience hope, support, and transformation at Hope Town—where recovery meets rejuvenation.