Windham, OH – Hope Town Ohio, a pioneering community-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new headquarters in the Village of Windham. This strategic purchase supports the expansion of Hope Town’s innovative recovery and employment services.

The newly acquired property is an 8,600-square-foot building that originally served as a fire station and police department and, most recently, a medical clinic. The building features extensive office space for Hope Town’s administrative and peer support staff. The facility will provide comprehensive peer support services, employment training, and transportation to care services.

“We are excited about the potential of the new building to further our mission of empowering individuals in their recovery journey,” said Ted St. John, Chief Executive of Hope Town Ohio. “The space will also house our new Hope on Wheels Private Auto Clinic and Training Institute, providing job opportunities and skill development for those in stable long-term recovery.”

The Hope on Wheels program will utilize the building’s six garage/bay areas to service its own fleet of cars and a select number of accounts offering automotive repair and maintenance services. It will also provide mechanic training for individuals in recovery. This initiative is designed to provide meaningful employment opportunities, fostering personal and community growth. 

Research and evidence increasingly support the effectiveness of social models of workforce recovery in enhancing long-term recovery outcomes. Studies have shown that recovery-oriented employment programs significantly improve recovery rates by fostering a sense of purpose, community, and stability among participants. These programs not only help reduce relapse rates but also contribute to the community’s overall economic health by reducing unemployment and improving workforce readiness. Hope Town Ohio’s model is based on these proven approaches, emphasizing skill development, employment, and peer support as essential components of successful recovery.

To ensure the success and integrity of our program, participants employed through the Hope on Wheels Private Auto Clinic and Training Institute and those participating in our recovery center will undergo regular drug screenings. This rigorous approach helps maintain a safe and supportive environment for all participants, ensuring they remain focused on their recovery journey while actively contributing to and benefiting from our social enterprise model.

Hope Town Ohio remains committed to addressing the complex needs of individuals recovering from addiction by providing a supportive network and essential resources aimed at promoting resiliency, fostering independence, and long-term success. 

Hope Town invites the community to volunteer on several dates in May to help prepare our new building for the grand opening. Click here to access our volunteer sign up form. 

Hope Town is reaching out to the community for donations to ensure our new facility is fully equipped and ready for operation. Here is the link to our Donation Wish List, featuring high-quality items essential for our grand opening: Hope Town Ohio’s Donation Wishlist for New Headquarters in Windham – Hope Town

For more information, please contact:

Shannon Egan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Phone: 801-718-6718


About Hope Town Ohio: Hope Town Ohio stands dedicated to championing individuals in their pursuit of recovering from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through an integrated system that includes recovery housing, peer support networks, employment initiatives, essential transportation services, jail supports, and social enterprises, we aim to inspire others to improve their lives so they may go on to inspire others to do the same. 

Our Hope on Wheels program is a social enterprise designed to give back to the community by offering Medicaid rides for medical and treatment appointments to the public, not just Hope Town Recovery Housing residents. The current workforce crisis has exacerbated transportation issues, causing delays and stranding residents who need these essential services. Addressing this need is critical and urgent for the well-being of our vulnerable population striving to improve their lives.

We aim to establish a recovery-focused transportation service that will grow to meet community needs and evolve into a social enterprise offering meaningful employment opportunities for those in recovery. Hope Town is committed to supporting both community outcomes and providing a viable career path for people with addiction.