Hope Town Ohio has achieved recognition as a finalist in the 2024 Ohio Recovery Housing’s (ORH) Innovation Challenge, positioning itself among the top five finalists. This acknowledgment highlights the success of its innovative program, Hope on Wheels, focused on collaborating with Medicaid subcontractors and county agencies to provide essential transportation services to recovery housing residents, the local recovery community, and the broader Medicaid population.

Innovation Challenge Symposium: Driving Recovery and Innovation: Hope Town Ohio, alongside

other finalists, is set to present at the Innovation Challenge Symposium on Tuesday, March 19th, at the Embassy Suites in Dublin, OH. This symposium provides each finalist with a dedicated time slot to showcase their initiatives, followed by a Q&A session with a panel of judges. Executive director Ted St. John will represent Hope Town Ohio, offering insights into the Hope on Wheels program and its impact on transportation needs and revenue generation.

 Hope Town Ohio at the ORH Annual Conference: In addition to being a finalist, Hope Town Ohio has received an invitation to present at the 2024 ORH Annual Conference, themed “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” Scheduled for March 20th and 21st at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Columbus Dublin, the conference provides a larger platform for Ted St. John’s presentation, titled “The Wheels of Change: Bridging Gaps in Recovery Housing through Transportation.” The presentation explores key aspects of Hope on Wheels, including technology integration, community engagement, data-driven insights, and the promotion of accessibility and equity. The presentation is tentatively scheduled for March 21st in the afternoon, with the exact time to be determined.

Sharing Insights and Success: ORH Annual Conference Presentation: The ORH Annual Conference offers a valuable opportunity for a broader audience to learn from Hope Town Ohio’s experiences, strategies, and the success of their innovative programs. The conference’s overarching theme aligns with Hope Town Ohio’s mission, emphasizing a holistic approach to support every person, every family, and every community on their recovery journey.

Hope Town Ohio’s Commitment to Positive Change: Hope Town Ohio’s journey through the Ohio Recovery Housing’s Innovation Challenge is not just a local success story but a testament to their commitment to driving positive change in recovery support. As our organization prepares to present at the Innovation Challenge Symposium and subsequently at the 2024 ORH Annual Conference, Hope Town Ohio stands as a model for communities striving towards comprehensive recovery solutions.