Hope Town Ohio (HTO) is thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our recovery houses in Windham, Ohio. These enhancements are a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for those on their recovery journey.

Elegant and Functional Enhancements

Our recovery home enhancements will significantly improve both functionality and aesthetics. These updates include the installation of high tables and beautifully crafted cabinets adorned with stone finishes. This project was made possible by the generous support of the Tommy DeRoia Foundation, which has been instrumental in funding key initiatives at Hope Town Ohio, including rent scholarships, transportation assistance, and organizing recovery events essential for the well-being of our residents.

Spotlight on Skill: Brian Norsen’s Stonework Mastery

The craftsmanship behind these new additions can be credited to Brian Norsen, our House Manager and Hope on Wheels Fleet Manager. With 20 years of experience in the masonry trade, Brian has brought not only his professional expertise but also a deep personal commitment to this project. He personally handled the shaping and finishing of the stone for these tables and cabinets, demonstrating his exceptional skills in stonework and his dedication to enhancing our environment. The result is both practical and elegant, significantly enriching our communal spaces.

In the near future, we are also looking forward to the installation of distinctive 12″ x 12″ stone logos for the Tommy DeRoia Foundation and the Madeleine Rose Foundation at our men’s and women’s pavilions, respectively. These installations are intended to further beautify our facilities and stand as enduring symbols of the steadfast support and generosity we have received from our benefactors.

Community and Donor Support

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Kent Rotary Club for providing high chairs, ceiling fans and electric for both pavilions that have significantly improved the comfort and ambiance of our communal areas. Furthermore, the Portage County Mental Health & Recovery Board has been instrumental in supplying 40 A/C units for both houses and a large freezer for the men’s house, ensuring our residents stay comfortable during their recovery.  We are also grateful to the Madeleine Rose Foundation for their previous donations, which have continuously supported the improvement of our facilities. These contributions from our community partners not only enhance the physical environment of our houses but also uplift the spirits of everyone who calls Hope Town Ohio home. 

Building on a Strong Foundation

HTO’s recovery housing program offers more than just accommodation; they provide a structured, secure environment designed to support the comprehensive needs of individuals in recovery. Our homes are fully furnished, with all utilities included in the rental cost and amenities such as a spacious yard, grill, and patio area. These are complemented by free transportation services and peer support, all within a community that supports and participates in our mission.

The strategic location in Windham, Ohio, offers additional advantages. It’s a quiet and affordable community. Our relationship with Ohio Means Jobs and Portage Area Regional Transit Authority (PARTA) further aids residents in transitioning back to employment, providing essential support in education, training, and transportation.

A Community Effort

The enhancements to our recovery houses reflect the collective effort of our donors, community partners and the active participation of the local community.  “We are profoundly grateful to all our donors, including the Tommy DeRoia Foundation, the Madeleine Rose Foundation, the Kent Rotary Club, and the Portage County Mental Health & Recovery Board. Your generous contributions have significantly improved our facilities and profoundly impacted the lives of those in recovery,” Ted St. John, Chief Executive of Hope Town Ohio, said.